Optical and Quantum Engineering

Itoh Laboratory
Research on optical information processing and photonic devices. Development of photosensitive polymer, photonic crystal device. Optical metrology, optical computing, holography. Three-dimensional medical imaging based on optical coherence tomography and adaptive optics.
Hattori, You, and Kano Laboratory

Development and application of spectroscopic and imaging methods based on nonlinear optics.  Major focus is on application of terahertz waves and coherent Raman scattering to bioscience, material science, and medical science.

X-ray optics and applied optics. Development of high-resolution x-ray microscope. Biological specimens and new materials are studied.
Yasuno Lab Laboratory

Instrumentation Physics

Terada Laboratory
Developments of novel NMR imaging systems and new applications in NMR imaging.
Kobayashi Laboratory

Condensed matter theory. Computational material science. Density functional theory for nonequilibrium systems. Theory of charge, heat, and spin transport in nanoscale systems. Nanostructures, atomic wires, molecular bridges, organic semiconductors.

Sasaki & Yamada
Ultimate measurements and control of surfaces and interfaces of nano- and molecular-electronics materials by means of molecular beam scattering techniques and scanning probe microscopy.
Shiraki Laboratory

The aim of our study is to control protein folding and misfolding for the application of biotechnology, pharmaceutics, and nanotechnology.

Structure and electronic state study of hydrogen storage metals and metalloprotein by high energy ion beam and synchrotron radiation.
Fujita Laboratory
Material science and engineering with electron and ion-beam induced excitation for creating carbon based new functional structure, exploring solid state physics, and electronic device application.
Sekiguchi & Sohda Lab / Advanced SEM Technology Laboratory

Quantum Beam and Plasma Physics

Ezumi Laboratory

Experimental and Theoretical studies are conducted mainly using the world's largest tandem mirror device GAMMA 10/PDX in the Plasma Research Center on physics problems in the course of achieving controlled thermo-nuclear fusion.

Tomita Laboratory
Applied atomic physics. Studies on clusters and biomolecules in vacuum. Radiation physics concerning environmental studies.

Nanotechnology and Nanoscience

Shigekawa & Takeuchi & Yoshida Laboratory
Development of new microscopy techniques based on scanning probe microscopy and advanced quantum optical technologies, and their application for research in nanoscale science and technology.
Umeda Laboratory
Magnetic resonance spectroscopy on large-scaled integrated circuits and nano-scale devices, and studies on ultra-low-power consumption performances of semiconductor devices from an atomic view point.
Hase Laboratory
Coherent spectroscopy of nanostructures by using ultrashort pulse laser and developments of ultrafast optical devices using coherent control.
Makimura Laboratory
Interactions of laser-generated soft X-rays with matters and applications to micro- and nano-machining.
Experimental study on semiconductor physics and epitaxy.

Semiconductor Electronics

Uedono Laboratory
Formation of nanostructures and nanomaterials based on synthesis and arrangement of functionalized Si clusters.
Sano Laboratory
Simulation and theoretical study of electron transport under nanoscale semiconductor device structures, and their device simulations and modeling.
Suemasu & Toko Laboratory
Fabrication of optoelectronic and spintronic devices using environmentally friendly Si-basednew semiconductors, ferromagnetic metals, andheterostructures.
Hasunuma Laboratory
Nanostructure control. Control of atomic step/atomically flat terrace structures, and research and development of nanotechnology using them.
Makino (AIST) Laboratory
Diamond growth, and electronic device fabrication using unique properties.

Optoelectronics and Spintronics

Sakurai Laboratory
Study on optical properties of semiconductors and its application for optical devices such as solar cells and photo-catalysis.
Ohno Laboratory
Characterization of electrical, optical, and spin properties of semiconductor quantum nanostructures, and study on spin coherence in semiconductor nanostructures and its application to and low power consumption technology.
Yanagihara & Sharmin Laboratory
Development of magnetic materials with nanostructures (super-lattices, nano-crystals, fine particles, nano-tubes) for electronics and study of their basic properties.
Yuasa(AIST) Laboratory
Research and development of magnetic tunnel junctions, magnetoresistive random access memory MRAM and other spintronics devices.

Power Electronics

Iwamuro & Yano Laboratory
Research and development of high performance/high reliable power semiconductor devices, especially like SiC-MOSFETs and SiC-SBDs, for an energy saving of power electronics equipments and power supplies.
Tadano & Isobe Laboratory
Research on power electronics with advanced power semiconductor devices, especially, high efficiency and high density power conversion circuits and high reliability power module.

Optoelectronic Nanomaterials Engineering

Sakurai(NIMS) Laboratory

X-ray spectrometry and imaging. Novel X-ray analytical metrology to see changes of nano-meterscale structures and chemical states in realtime.

Takeda(NIMS) Laboratory

We investigate femtosecond spectroscopy of inorganic and organic nanomaterials to develop functional materials for photonic-applications. We also study control of nano-scale structures, surface modification of organic and inorganic materials with advanced ion beam technology and nanoparticle assembly with biomolecules for bio-applications.

Mitani(NIMS) Laboratory

Development of magnetic materials and nanostructues by Atomic scale control based on state-of-the-art thin film growth techniques. Searching and understanding new functionalities in spin transport and their application to Spintronic devices.

Takano(NIMS) Laboratory

We are focusing on the physical properties of high-Tc superconductor, diamond supercondutor,Fe-besed superconductor and carbon nanotube.  Development of novel devices,including optical  and field effect devices,using superconductos and nano-technologies are tergets.

Tang(NIMS) Laboratory

Design and fabrication of functional structures, characterization of properties, and development for industrial applications of one-dimensional nanomaterials including carbon nanotubes and rare-earth boride nanowires.

Nakayama(NIMS) Laboratory

Fabrication and characterization of inorganic- / organic- / bio-nanostructures toward realization of novel functionalities at the nanometer scale, for future nanoelectronics and information technology, by using multiple-scanning-probe microscopy and related techniques.

Fukata(NIMS) Laboratory

Fundamental and application researches on next-generation high-speed semiconductor transistors, high-efficiency solar cells, and high-capacity Li-ion battery anodes using functionalized semiconductor nanostructures.

Yoshikawa(NIMS) Laboratory

Development of new molecular sensors/systems towards mobile breath diagnostics, global-standard artificial olfaction, and new blood/fluid test. Fusion of physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, and economics.